We are always willing to provide professional services where results are achieved through intense planning, efficient technology and hard work.

Environment protection is an issue of increasing concern, therefore, we emphasize application of eco-friendly products, that allow to prevent any further pollution of already polluted surface coatings, which are to be removed, and protect environment around your building. Our products are safe to be applied to any surface, therefore it could be used for heritage objects.

As with any job we perform, protecting your facility or home is a high priority. We set up and take down protective measures to ensure that no water enters or damages your property. This is achieved via:

  • Installing scaffolding systems along the base of the facility (larger projects only).
  • Poly plastic and specialized fabric protection on all windows, structural openings, ventilation systems and etc.
  • Intense planning for product application and washing angles.

Our services are oriented in both residential and public buildings including heritage objects.  All of our services are available in the Greater Vancouver Area and in some cases we will travel outside of BC.

Each service is subject to different pricing options, please CONTACT US for a free estimate or test patch.

Surface Restoration

Many external effects, such as changing weather, vehicles exhaust, airborne pollution and moisture, dirt, unwanted stains and old coatings, can cause dissatisfaction with surface conditions and appearance. Moreover, years of these effects can issue surface or certain component of building façade deterioration. It comes to the point where your surface must be restored.

We offer a great variety of restoration services for any type of surface – bricks, stone, wood, granite, concrete, etc. As any of your surface and problem is unique, we come up with the solution with a specific approach.

Our goal is to study your surface conditions and to offer the most efficient technology, products and equipment to tackle your problem and restore  your surface to primary vibrant and inviting appearance.

Paint / Lead Paint Removal

Lead paint, which was extensively used before 1978, is hazardous to our health, especially when dusts from deteriorating lead paint start to spread. Therefore, source of  contamination affecting our health must be removed.

Lead paint removal is strictly controlled and complicated procedure, therefore, it can become challenging issue. The risk of lead exposure increases significantly without help of professionals. We offer lead paint removal service in the safest way.

Our paint removal service is a procedure performed using an environmentally friendly product, EFS-2500 Paint Stripper, in combination with a specialized equipmentThe advantage of using biodegradable eco-friendly products helps to prevent any further environmental pollution when paint is removed.

Our proprietary technology allows us to offer paint removal service on any type of surface that has unwanted paint coating. Safety and effectiveness of the product has been proved in many projects, therefore, it entitles us to approach sensitive heritage objects.

Efflorescence Removal

We can provide you with a solution to these whitish deposits of water-soluble salts, called efflorescence, formed on concrete or masonry surface due to excessive moisture.  

Efflorescence can appear on the surface in different forms and levels of intensity, therefore, the most suitable technique must be chosen for efflorescence removal.

After comprehensive inspection, we proceed with one of specialized techniques which includes application of eco-friendly EFS-5500 Efflorescence Remover.

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is another hazardous material which can cause detrimental health effects and must be tackled with special attention. Asbestos removal is an essential service to be provided to any building or property before undergoing any renovations.

Remember, asbestos fibers are too small to see just by staring at a surface. The risk that that asbestos fibers will be released increases when asbestos-containing materials are removed without proper care. Therefore, it is extremely important that a qualified expert be consulted before asbestos removal from your building.

We have qualified expert team you need for asbestos removal services, which include potential hazards identification, hazardous materials abatement and damaged surfaces sealing and repair.

Surface Protection

After your surface is restored and undesirable coatings and impurities are removed it is necessary to ensure that your surface is properly protected from further external damage. We offer you surface protection and surface treatment services.

Surface protection procedure is performed using environmentally friendly product, EFS-8500 Densifier, which essentially repels moisture and other environmental factors, including those that caused damage in the first place, out from any surface while leaving it breathable.

For surface treatment procedure we use another eco-friendly product, EFS-6500 Monumental Cleaner, which helps to clean and protect your surface from bioorganic material, for example, lichens, moss, molds and etc., for at least 2 years.